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Sarah Palin is a huge fat whore with shitstains in her panties.

Prostitution Whore

Sarah Palin is proud of being a whore. On June 1, 2011, as proof of her whoredom, Sarah Palin posted a sign on her tour bus. The message, pasted directly over the words, “We the People” on a picture of the Constitution, read, "I, The Media Whore."

Sarah Palin's vagina is HUGE beyond belief. During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Sarah Palin parked her SUV in her own huge vagina, but then it got lost after she returned from shopping at the mall using $150,000 of Retardican donated monies so Palin could buy lots of designer clothes and handbags. Since she had no vehicle in which to ride home, she had to hop on a giant dildo to ride it home instead. The police were called in to find her lost SUV but could not locate it. A US Navy Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) was sent into her cavernous minge, but was unable to find the SUV and it is presumed permanently lost in there, or perhaps the SUV fell through Palin's vaginal STARGATE to the Noxema Galaxy which is 39.8 billion lightyears away from Andromeda.

When Sarah Palin farts, bits and pieces of poop come out, which causes the shitstains in her panties. Sarah Palin has skid marks in all her pants. Sarah Palin is proud of her stupidity and ignorance, and proclaims that everyone needs to refudiate it if they don't like it. Sarah Palin both burps and farts when she talks, and uses hastily scribbled notes written on her own hand to remember what she's talking about, because she is stupid. One time she sneezed into her hand and her foreign policy statement got wet and ran until it read: REFUDIATE YOO BETCHA DONCHA KNOW PITBULL POOPSTAINS!

Sarah Palin usually has some poop in the back of her panties, a hard turd about the size of a potato. Sarah Palin is known to hide under the podium when John McCain is speaking so she can give him a blow job, but only after she injects him directly with a syringe filled with Viagra.

Sarah Palin is literally a pitbull with lipstick that was shaved, trained to walk upright, and taught to whimper instead of bark. Sarah Palin recently had breast implants so that her disgustingly small breasts would not turn off the voters. Sarah Palin has mentally retarded children from being drunk during pregnancy. All of Sarah Palin's children are little whores who got knocked up by major league baseball players.

Palin masturbates with a baseball bat in honor of this fact.

2016 Endorsement of Trump

Sarah Palin has announced her endorsement of Donald Trump. In doing so, she noted that in 2008, she had sexual relations with Donald Trump, and he claimed that he was "the master at the art of the drill" and that he "beat up my pussy so great." She also expressed a desire for the next president to "slurp the cum off of my conservative ass." Related video:

Asshole Consumption

A detailed graph recently revealed that Sarah Palin is indeed, the #1 consumer of asshole. She trumped Darkvile by a single asshole. The data was provided by Crackbone, but he misinterpreted it that Darkvile was the #1 consumer of asshole, which was rather easy, given the small gap between the two. Please see this video:

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