Ivanka Trump

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Ivanka Trump is an American prostitution whore and Nazi taint sniffer involving herself as a "scene whore" and "Oval Office Slut" hanging around the back of the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Known to smell like rotting bananas and stale dog food, Ivanka has a lifetime relationship as a 'daughter wife' to so-called President Donald Judas Trump, the 45th person to hold the position as U.S. President. Ivanka Trump's dirty panties are sold in Japanese vending machines in Tokyo for 300 Yen. Ivanka Trump appears in father-daughter pornography on pornographic internet download sites. Ivanka Trump is married to a Ken doll impersonating android robot named Jared Kushner, the son of a convicted criminal. Both Donald Trump and Invanka Trump share a dirty sex bed with Jared Kushner for kinky father-daughter-son-in-law orgies. Porn photographer and arrested fraud artist Steve Bannon is known to photograph these disgusting sessions of perversion from and outside window using a telephone lens. Ivanka is world famous for producing low quality products in China, none of which sell very well because they all smell like decomposing horse meat. Ivanka has had over 9000 plastic surgeries to prop up her sagging face and body parts.

Ivanka Plastic Surgery Before and After.jpg